The Story

Carnivore tells the tale-- to put it simply-- of a car that literally eats its passengers.

In the fictional town of Shenandoah, an old man named Norman Ross posts an ad selling an old Ford classic. When potential customers come calling, he lures them into the back seat, where they quickly become dinner for the hungry auto.

He's been doing this for years, only staying ahead of the law by moving around. Things get complicated though, when a group of trouble-makers steal the old classic from under the old man's nose. Thus begins a cat and mouse game of chase, with the youngsters hoping to sell the car for much-needed cash, and the old man determined to reclaim his monstrous prize.

Complicating matters worse, a dogged sherrif's deputy named Truman winds up on the old man's trail, after a missing persons call ignites his curiosity. While his superiors are hesitant to follow his hunch, Truman pursues the car, and the truth along with it, hoping to find closure on his own personal demons.

Carnivore takes an idea seemingly destined for campiness, and turns it into a taut, grounded thriller, full of twists and surprises, genuine scares, and fully-realized characters. 

Buckle up for an exciting, bloody, emotional and suspenseful thrill ride!