• Promo #2 Launches for The Reel Fear Horror Contest!

    Promo #2 has just launched, and we're so proud of the result. Our team had to shoot material for three individual promos in ONE night, with only about a week to prepare. With a low budget, no time, and a host of last-minute changes, the production could have fallen apart at any time, but our crew really showed up in a BIG way. For us, this is emblematic of what a postitive attitude, teamwork, and hard work can do!

    To recap: Submissions for the contest should be clear and concise, should feature your previous work (or material to demonstrate your style), and has to be YOUR idea, not an existing concept. Submissions are due by March 17th, 2017! Go to to submit, or find more information.

    Director: Aaron Milus
    Cinematographer: Mac Fisken
    Written By: Joshua Milus
    Producers: Debra Mategrano, Diana Mategrano, Jeff Kongs
    Starring: Catherine Lidstone, Joshua Milus, Uche Elueze, Ike Amadi
    Production Coordinator: Monique Yamaguchi
    Lighting/Grip: JB Culp
    Production Designer: Sarah Bess Cook
    Associate Producer: Jon Fribourg
    Sound: Kevin Coons
    Special Effects Makeup: Celina Dalnim Yun
    Makeup: Cindy Escalante, Miranda Riddle
    Music: Joshua Milus, Kevin MacLeod ( "The House of Leaves", "Deep Horrors" Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License