• Reel Fear Horror Contest - First Promo Launches!

    In association with Project Greenlight Digital Studios, our Carnivore team was tasked with producing a series of promos for the "Reel Fear Horror Contest", presented by PGDLS, Shudder, and Clive Barker.

    Given a limited budget and a very tight turn around, we couldn't be more proud of the work and attitudes of everyone who showed up to make it come together. It's a testament to what passion and hard work can do-- even on an over-night shoot.

    Click here for more information on the contest!

    Starring: Jeff Kongs, Cristen Barnes, Ike Amadi

    Special thanks to Adam Hall, David Schmidt, Debra & Diana Mategrano

    Director: Aaron Milus
    Cinematographer: Mac Fisken
    Written by Debra Mategrano
    Produced by Joshua MIlus, Diana Mategrano, Jeff Kongs
    Production Coordinator: Monique Yamaguchi
    Lighting/Grip: JB Culp
    Production Designer: Sarah Bess Cook
    Associate Producer: Jon Fribourg
    Sound Mixer: Kevin Coons
    Special Effects Makeup: Celina Dalnim Yun
    Makeup: Cindy Escalante, Miranda Riddle
    Music by Kevin Macleod and Joshua Milus